Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Places not to miss around the Bay of Fire

Many people know the Bay of Fire by reputation - it's a GREAT place! We went a little further afield this time (not TOO far mind you!) and found some places well worth visiting. For some strange reason, they're all related to food. Dunno why that is... Dave, pass that Oyster will you?

Blueberry Cottage
Yumm! Trudy's jams and marmalades are really good - and her Onion Marmalade is extra special!!! If Jams aren't enough for you, the things that makes this place REALLY worth visiting are the beautiful gardens, orchard and a stunning driveway. Once you get there, you'll find Trudy - a real Lady - who makes her own Gollies (that's the new 'Politically Correct' name for Black Skinned rag dolls I used to have as a child. I STILL call them Golliwogs!) cushions and amazing jams. You'll find her tucked behind the Pancake place on the Elephant Pass Road. Please say 'Hi' from us if you do visit!

Sir Loin Brier - Bicheno
After visiting Trudy, keep heading south to Bicheno. It's a lovely town with an amazing smallgoods shop. They have a huge array of sausages, fresh meats, smoked and picked fish, cheese - completely un-expected!

Eureka Farms - Upper Skamander
Fruit, berries, ice-cream, jams and Worcestershire Sauce. Make sure you have a bottle of bubbly handy after this visit!

OYSTERS! Straight from the Oyster Farm - fantastically fresh and yummy! They're at 444 Binnalong Bay Rd. half way between St Helen and Binnalong Bay.

Taking the Spirit of Tasmania with Pets

Lots of people have asked about our trip over to Tassie - and how it went with Diesel... so here's the scoop!

The Spirit of Tasmania has Pet Cages in the main Car area. There are 3 size cages - really large dogs (Danes, St. Bernards etc) need their own vet approved cages be supplied. Cats can travel in the smaller cages just as well as Dogs! The cages are clean and have water provided. The Security Staff check the animals 3 times each passage. It's best if you fast your pet for 24 hours before traveling and give dogs a good walk a couple of hours before you board - no yicky poos that way! You might also want to bring a Cushion for them to lie on as the cage floor is metal and it can get a bit cold. Once the voyage starts you can't check your pet as the garage is sealed for security reasons. Rest assured they're checked regularly!

You must treat the pet for Hydatid Tapeworm and take evidence (ie empty pack, vet letter) with you as Tassie is Hydatid Free and they want to keep it that way!

If your pet is an anxious traveller you might want to check with your Vet - they may recommend a light sedative. Naturopathic Vets may also recommend some drops you give for the week before traveling. We did this with Diesel the first time and he was a happy boy!

With your pet safely housed in the cage, enjoy the passage! The trip is 9 hours and very comfortable. You can sit up (the seats are MUCH better than a coach or train) or take a cabin. When you arrive in Devenport you'll go through quarantine so don't try to take fruit & veggies - they'll be confiscated!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happiness is...

A fantastic break on a beach!

We're back after our wonderful 2 week break in Tasmania. We stayed at Dora Point for the whole time - ate LOTS (118 to be exact!) of local Oysters straight from the farm, drank Juuust a little too much wine, read books and walked with Diesie. 

Fantastic. Only problem is... we had to come home! Oh well... Australia Day isn't too far away!

Welcome to 2009 everyone!

Oh - and I just posted some Pics to Diesel's web site. Have a look if you like! The Bay of Fire is an amazing place!